Saturday, February 25, 2012

Natural Cure for a Cut Lip

Sometimes I think I'm jinxed. How else do you explain managing to cut your lip open with Scotch tape?? Funnily enough, it didn't happen while trying to cut the tape with my teeth oh no, no, no - this little piece had a life of its own and just flapped about when I was trying to work with it, smack on to my lip, kissing off a chunk of skin. Ugh!

10 minutes later and I'm still bleeding. Ice didn't help neither did pressure. What did work was..wait for it.....HONEY! Yes good ol' raw honey. Smeared some on it, stung for a millisecond but arrested the bleeding pretty much immediately. Yayy!

This was too good a cure not to blog about straight away..more the meantime, what better way to treat a wound for a child than with something that tastes and smells great!!



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