About Me

Hello and welcome! My inspiration for this blog came from 2 of my best friends (A & T) who have been pushing me to do something with natural remedies for a while now. As usual, I was my own stumbling block (and as people in my project management world like to say "bottleneck") and found it difficult really to put all the thousands of thoughts and ideas in my head onto paper. Then one day A & I were discussing a remedy for ear infections for a friend's baby and she suggested consolidating all my research into a blog and voila! Naturallysta was born and the rest they say is history.

I have 3 children -- R who is 10 and considers himself a superhero (although recently he's rather taken with being a poet...dare I say there is hope?!), Z who is 8 and already a total diva - complete with rock star hair and clothes and an attitude to put Lindsay Lohan to shame and K who is 2 years old and teaching me how to be a parent all over again. GULP!

My husband, J, is the centre of my universe and my 'bestest' friend (sorry other besties) and although he is often skeptical (read: downright suspicious) of my cult like obsession with holistic therapies, he is still so supportive and can now probably list most, if not all, of the remedies I use, albeit jumbled up a bit :-) We just celebrated our 13th anniversary. DOUBLE GULP!

My interest in natural remedies is relatively recent I have to admit - my motivation (like many others who have discovered holistic therapies) was providing chemical free relief to my kids, solutions that wouldn't keep me up at night for fear of causing problems down the road. This blog is really a consolidation over the years of very, VERY, OCD research and scanning through thousands of websites, books and magazines.

I do not profess to be a licensed professional of any kind. My posts are really a mixture of things I have learnt while taking care of 3 little ones and my research from reading various things along the way. Please excuse me if I digress and start talking about related but different topics such as parenting style, breast feeding and child psychology (and other unrelated topics such as Harry Potter, baking, music and crafts) but these are all things I enjoy discussing and well sometimes at midnight when you've got a screaming baby/toddler/preschooler on your hand, you need a little light entertainment!

Hope you find this information useful. Please e-mail me with any feedback or suggestions and I'll leave you with one small piece of advice: Find Fun in Everything You Do!

Happiness and Health,



  1. Hi, a friend of mine just suggested your blog and I love it!! I will visit very often. keep up the good work :)

  2. Thank you for visiting and for your encouragement!

  3. Hi there..looking forward to find sm really usefull stuff here..n shall get intouch thru email regarding sm personal querries soonn...can i???

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting! You can e-mail me at naturallysta@gmail.com and I will try to help as best I can!

  4. I would like to talk to you about working with you. Could you email me at kimberlee@foodandspirit.com. This is NOT spam - it's a true offer - we are looking for bloggers!