Sunday, August 3, 2014

Three's A (Hazelwood) Charm

So, the cat's out of the bag. We had Baby # 3. Yes, that explains why 2013 (and half of 2014) was essentially non-existent as far as blog posts go. I had a pretty crappy first few months with every first trimester symptom you can think of! Nausea, dehydration, fatigue, anemia (which probably caused the fatigue) - you name it, I had it!! Didn't make for a perfect pregnancy story but then who needs perfect, right?

Baby K was born on 17th February after a speedy delivery that left me rather reeling! I had what is called "prodromal labour" {oh my goodness, I spelled labour without the u to begin with, nooo} for a few days prior; those lucky few who have experienced this know that it is probably one of the most frustrating things ever!! It is really just another term for early labour - as a student of English Literature it is my duty to let you know that it is derived from the Greek word "prodomos" which means the forerunner to an event. Prodromal labour can go on for a few weeks (yes you heard me) and in my case it went on for an excruciating week of constantly thinking "this is it" and then falling asleep and waking up and saying "oh guess it wasn't!". The good news though - there's always a silver lining - is that actual labour didn't last long at all and I did most of the heavy lifting in that week prior to K's arrival, at home and in my PJs, eating and drinking when I liked. I would take that over labouring for hours in the hospital any day.

My delivery was quick and painful and I forgot my main mantra during labour - stay relaxed! I panicked and that didn't help. I know it's hard to remember with all that's going on during this time but please, please try to remind yourself that keeping calm is so very important! Despite having my Rescue Remedy and my birthing homeopathy kit (Aconite would have been a good remedy in my condition) in my hospital bag, I threw all my Naturallysta-ism out the window and fell victim to good ol' fashioned distress. Ugh!

Still, here I am almost 6 months later with a happy (well, most of the time) baby who is a source of much joy in my life. I truly love him. Yes I know that sounds silly. D-UH I hear you say. Seriously though, I cannot put into words how much this little being already means to me.

I have much to write about and much to share and hopefully, baby K will give me some respite so that I may pen it all down. For now though, to make up somewhat for my absence recently, I do want to share a new discovery that I am bowled over by. Drum roll, please:


Hazelwood is an 'alkaline wood' i.e. one that has the natural property of absorbing and neutralizing acid via direct contact with the skin. The wood comes from a shrub that is native to Quebec, Canada and for those of you who are interested in Botany, here is a Wikipedia link that gives some more detail. Back to why I love it though - given its alkalizing ability, conditions that result from acidosis in the body can benefit from one wearing the wood. A list of such conditions, I hear you ask? Here are but a few:

-- Joint pain inc. arthritis and osteoporosis
-- Acid reflux/heartburn/digestive issues
-- Diabetes
-- Weight issues
-- Low energy/chronic fatigue
-- Allergies
-- Eczema/acne
-- Teething!!!!!!

Oh this was a Naturallysta mission just waiting to happen! Imagine my glee upon discovery!

Happy to report that since wearing the necklace (you can put it on baby's ankle during nap and at night for safety), K has been drooling less and sleeping better! Not really placebo when there is a marked difference in nap duration (30m vs 2h), eh? The necklace that I bought also had Baltic amber beads in it which are reported to have analgesic qualities that can help ease teething pain as well. You can buy Hazelwood necklaces on Amazon and if you're breastfeeding, consider getting one for yourself too since any hyper acidity in your body is likely contributing to baby's (tell tale signs: sour stools, raw bottom after stool, red rash around baby's mouth because of drool).

'Wood'ja try it?


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